Cortisone Injection

Athletes have chosen Dr. Struhl for his approach to reviewing ‘all options’ when treating each patient. For years Dr. Struhl has successfully used Cortisone Injections on athletes with various joint injuries.

Synthetic injections may be designed similar to that of our bodies own naturally produced Cortisone, however is created with a higher potency in order to reduce inflammation and swelling at the injured area.

Natural cortisone is a form of steroid that gets produced within the body. When the body undergoes stress, cortisone is released from the adrenal gland into the blood stream and only lasts for a matter of minutes.

A prominent difference between the two types of cortisones, aside from the given ‘synthetic’ form of steroid, will be how one is injected into the inflamed injured area instead of simply flowing through the blood stream. As well, synthetic cortisone is designed to remain in the area for extended time – instead of minutes.

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