Trauma and repetitive use injuries to the wrist can cause pain and limit hand function. Ligaments, tendons, nerves and bones in the wrist can be impacted from injuries, resulting in chronic pain. Dr. Steven Struhl is a top wrist pain relief orthopedic surgeon with medical clinics in Westchester and UES New York City.

Fractures, dislocations and soft tissue tears in the wrist can occur from trauma. Falling on a wrist, crushing events and other accidents can cause severe wrist injuries that require treatment. The wrist is a complex joint, with several bones connecting to allow for hand and finger function. Trauma to the joint can require intricate orthopedic surgery to repair bones, ligaments and tendons, while protecting the nerves.

In addition to trauma wrist injuries, many people suffer from wrist pain caused by repetitive or overuse. Workplace stress on the wrist from typing or mechanical use is common. Playing certain sports can also strain the wrist, causing pain when gripping or bending the hand. Dr. Struhl offers advanced treatments for both traumatic and repetitive wrist injuries to relieve pain and restore function.

Wrist Injuries and Conditions

Are you experiencing numbness, weakness or pain in your wrist, hand or fingers? Wrist injury and overuse can cause chronic hand pain and impact the function of your hands. Dr. Struhl can perform cutting-edge treatments to obtain wrist pain relief for the following conditions:

If you are experiencing wrist pain from an injury, disease or repetitive use, contact us at Shoulders & Knees orthopedics. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Struhl to discuss wrist treatment options for pain relief.