There are many orthopedic surgeons to choose from when you need shoulder or knee treatment, but not all provide the same level of care. Dr. Steven Struhl is a shoulder and knee board certified orthopedic surgeon, but he also is dedicated to providing exceptional patient-focused care. When choosing an orthopedic surgeon, you want to find the right specialist who will treat you as a person, not just your condition or injury. That is what you will find when you choose Shoulders & Knees for orthopedic treatment or surgery.

Dr. Struhl understands the frustration many patients experience when seeking orthopedic care. Electronic phone-answering systems, limited hours, invasive surgical procedures and long recovery times are some of the factors Dr. Struhl has sought to eliminate from his practice. Patients can talk to a person when they call, 24 hours a day. When possible, patients receive prompt appointments to begin their diagnosis and treatment, with minimally invasive procedures available that reduce scarring and recovery time.

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You deserve to receive top-quality medical care for your orthopedic condition. Whether you are suffering from knee arthritis that is keeping you from playing with your grandkids or a professional athlete who suffered an ACL tear, Dr. Struhl will treat you as a VIP, providing the best orthopedic care available. To learn more about Dr. Struhl, our clinics and services, you can visit the following pages on our website:

If you are searching for a top orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knee and shoulder pain and injuries, contact us at Shoulders & Knees. Dr. Steven Struhl and our team offer state-of-the-art medical care at facilities in Midtown Manhattan and Westchester, NY. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.