The ankle joint balances the entire weight of the body on a structure of small bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. A twist or turn in the wrong direction can cause significant injury to the ankle, restricting mobility. Dr. Steven Struhl is a top NYC orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist who offers advanced ankle injuries orthopedic care.

Anyone can injure an ankle. Just tripping over an item in your home or taking a misstep on stairs can result in a strain or sprain. However, athletes and active individuals that run, jump and pivot put more stress on their ankles. Tearing an ankle ligament or tendon is common. Small bones in the ankle can suffer a fracture. When these painful injuries occur, the right treatment is needed to heal the ankle quickly to get you back on your feet.

Advanced Treatments for Ankle Conditions

Due to the precarious position of the ankle, any injury or dysfunction can impact your mobility. Whether it’s a sports injury or a degenerative condition, a quick diagnosis and effective treatment are needed to give you pain relief and restore function. Dr. Struhl and our team at Shoulders & Knees orthopedic clinic offer cutting-edge treatments for a wide variety of ankle injuries and conditions, including:

Our orthopedic clinics offer interventional and minimally invasive therapies for ankle treatments, as well as arthroscopic and open surgery. Dr. Struhl believes in treating the whole individual, not just their injury or condition, finding the right treatment plan to fit their lifestyle.

Whether you are a professional athlete with an upper ankle sprain or a motorcycle enthusiast with a fractured ankle, you can receive the best care for your ankle condition at Shoulders & Knees orthopedics. Contact our office in Westchester or New York City.