The shoulder joint is the most flexible in the body, allowing the arm to swing and move in a larger radius than any other appendage. To create this flexibility, there are many moving parts that must work together. When one component is damaged or injured, it can restrict movement and cause pain. Dr. Steven Struhl at Shoulders & Knees is a shoulder joint specialist and orthopedic surgeon who offers treatment for shoulder pain relief at our clinics in NYC and Westchester.

For shoulder pain relief, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl is your source for effective treatment options. Dr. Struhl specializes in shoulder joint injuries and conditions, offering non-surgical and surgical treatments to relieve pain and improve overall joint function. The shoulder is unique among joints in its configuration. Dr. Struhl’s expertise and experience in resolving complex shoulder joint issues has benefited top athletes and patients from all walks of life that have suffered from shoulder pain and dysfunction.

Types of Shoulder Pain Conditions We Treat

From shoulder sports injuries and arthritis to overuse and accident injuries, Dr. Struhl can offer relief from painful shoulder conditions. Dr. Struhl focuses on minimally-invasive treatments for shoulder pain relief, including physical therapy, interventional pain management, and arthroscopic surgeries. Some of the types of shoulder pain conditions we treat include:

If you are suffering from a shoulder injury or condition that is causing you pain or limiting function, contact us at Shoulders & Knees. We offer shoulder pain relief with treatment from Dr. Steven Struhl. He is an orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist with decades of experience in treating injuries and conditions related to the shoulder joint. Call today to schedule your appointment at our NYC or Westchester clinic to get relief from your painful shoulder injury or condition.