Knee injuries and dysfunction can impact your mobility and quality of life. The team at Shoulders & Knees and Dr. Steven Struhl are dedicated to providing effective treatment options for knee pain relief and restored function. Dr. Struhl is a top NYC orthopedic knee surgeon. Knee pain relief and improved mobility are the goals of our advanced knee procedures.

The knee joint is complex and susceptible to a variety of injuries and degenerative issues. Dr. Struhl treats all types of knee joint conditions, from tendonitis and arthritis to ACL tears and fractures. Our clinic and surgical centers utilize the most advanced medical imaging and technology to perform intricate surgical procedures and knee pain relief treatments. Our focus is finding the least invasive method with lower risks and faster return to complete function for our knee treatments and surgeries.

Knee Conditions Treated

Dr. Struhl has treated patients from all walks of life with knee injuries and degenerative conditions. From top athletes with knee sports injuries to men and women suffering from late stage arthritis, Dr. Struhl offers his expertise in finding the best solution for restoring knee function and relieving joint pain. Some of the knee conditions treated at our practice include:

At Shoulders & Knees, knee pain relief and restored joint function are our specialties. If you are suffering from a knee injury or condition that is impacting your game or lifestyle, come visit Dr. Steven Struhl and our staff. We offer cutting-edge treatments and minimally-invasive surgical options to restore your knee function.