Damaged or worn cartilage in the knee can cause inflammation and pain with movement. Injuries and disease can wear cartilage thin, allowing the knee bones to rub and cause friction during movement. One option for active adults with knee pain caused by excessive cartilage loss is osteochondral allograft transplant surgery, or OATS. Dr. Steven Struhl at Shoulders & Knees offers osteochondral allograft transplant surgery (OATS) at our facilities in Westchester and NYC.

Cartilage does not rejuvenate itself once it is damaged or worn. Injuries and disease can wear cartilage thin, causing extensive friction and pain. OATS surgery uses cartilage from a donor to replace lost cartilage and restore cushion between the bones. This is different than autograft cartilage transplants that use cartilage from the patient’s own body. Allografting with donor cartilage can be beneficial for patients with larger areas of damaged or lost cartilage that are not good candidates for an autograft procedure.

Are You a Good Candidate for OATS?

Replacing lost cartilage with osteochondral allograft transplant surgery can be beneficial for many active adults experiencing knee pain. Good candidates for this procedure are experiencing knee pain and swelling with large areas of cartilage thickness loss, due to injuries or wear. Patients are usually 50 years old or younger and active. Those with osteochondritis dissecans or knee avascular necrosis may be good candidates for OATS.

Osteochondral allograft transplant surgery can usually be performed arthroscopically for a minimally-invasive procedure. Dr. Steven Struhl strives to use the least invasive options possible for quicker healing for his patients. Recovery from OATS includes reducing stress on the knee during healing and continuing with physical therapy for rehabilitation.

To learn more about OATS and if you are a good candidate for this knee pain relief procedure, contact our team at Shoulders & Knees. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Struhl, our orthopedic surgeon and knee specialist.