Torn cartilage of the wrist may occur due to normal wear and tear or a direct injury causing pain and impaired function. Symptoms of torn cartilage include swelling of the joint and localized pain where the intensity may vary from mild to severe. If you have torn wrist cartilage, treatment is available through Shoulders & Knees orthopedics in NYC and Westchester. Dr. Steven Struhl is a top orthopedic surgeon who offers advanced treatments for wrist cartilage repair or replacement.

The wrist contains the carpal bones, eight bones in two rows of four each. These bones are connected and protected by cartilage and ligaments. A trauma injury such as falling on an outstretched hand can cause a tear in wrist cartilage. Repetitive or overuse of the wrist can also lead to torn wrist cartilage. Symptoms of wrist cartilage tears can include swelling, pain and stiffness in the wrist. Often, a wrist injury can include both ligament and fibrocartilage tears.

Repairing Wrist Fibrocartilage Damage

Cartilage in the wrist provides cushion and protection between the carpal bones and the connections with the forearm bones (radius and ulnar). When the cartilage is torn, it can cause inflammation and pain in the wrist. Cartilage does not repair spontaneously. Treatment to repair the damaged fibrocartilage of the wrist, or to replace it, may be required to relieve pain and restore function.

Dr. Steven Struhl is an experienced orthopedic surgeon who offers torn wrist cartilage treatment. When conservative or interventional treatments are not effective, surgical repair or cartilage transplantation may be an option to restore damaged cartilage. Dr. Struhl utilizes cutting-edge orthopedic and minimally invasive techniques for cartilage repair at his medical facilities in NYC and Westchester.

If you have a wrist cartilage tear injury, contact Shoulders & Knees orthopedics to schedule a consultation with Dr. Struhl.