Three arm bones come together to create the elbow joint. When any of these bones are fractured near the elbow, it is considered a broken elbow or elbow fracture. Almost all elbow fractures and trauma require medical care to allow the bones and joint to heal correctly. Dr. Steven Struhl is one of the country’s top orthopedic surgeons who offers elbow fractures and trauma treatment at his orthopedic clinics in NYC and Westchester.

Elbow injuries, including fractures, can occur due to direct blows, impact or crushing injuries or trauma to the arm. Falling is one of the most common causes of a broken elbow. Stretching out the arm during a fall or landing on a bent elbow can cause fractures. Severe pain, swelling, bruising, deformity and limited motion are all symptoms of an elbow fracture. All elbow fractures require immobilization of the elbow during healing, and some severe fractures will require surgical treatment.

Types of Elbow Fractures

While any of the bones in the elbow can be fractured, the most common are the olecranon of the ulna and the lower end of the humerus (upper arm) bone. Depending on the severity of the fracture, dislocation and other tissue injuries, treatment may be surgical or non-surgical. Dr. Steven Struhl has decades of experience as an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, repairing elbow trauma injuries, including the following types of elbow fractures:

The elbow is crucial for lifting, throwing and hand and arm movement. It is crucial to receive the best orthopedic care for elbow fractures and trauma to restore complete function.

If you suffered from an elbow injury that resulted in a fracture or severe trauma, contact us at Shoulders & Knees orthopedic clinic. We can schedule an exam and consultation with top orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl for the highest level of orthopedic care for your elbow injury.