Elbow dislocations can cause elbow instability, restricting your arm function. If you have a severe elbow dislocation, the ligaments may be damaged, resulting in looseness and recurring dislocation. In some cases, an internal brace for elbow dislocations may be recommended for treatment. Dr. Steven Struhl is one of the top orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists in NYC, offering internal brace treatment for complex elbow dislocations.

Ligament tears and injuries are slow to heal. A complex elbow dislocation will often involve damaged ligaments, with patients experiencing limited motion and instability in the elbow. Even the surgical repair of ligaments is not always successful. An advanced option in orthopedic treatment is internal bracing for the elbow. This treatment can significantly improve the stability of the elbow and improve the healing of damaged ligaments to restore range of motion and strength.

What Is Internal Joint Bracing?

An internal bracing systems for joints, like the elbow, can add support to the joint and damaged ligaments. When a complex elbow dislocation occurs, ligaments can be torn and stretched, allowing too much movement in the joint. When conservative methods for elbow instability treatment are unsuccessful, an internal brace could be a solution. Using minimally-invasive surgical techniques, an anchor and tension band mechanism are put in place to stabilize the elbow.

In many cases, those suffering from elbow instability after a dislocation injury notice a significant difference in elbow function within days of the procedure. The internal brace allows for normal function, supporting the ligaments of the elbow while they heal and regenerate.

If you have experienced elbow instability after a dislocation that is not responding to conservative treatments, an internal brace may be a solution. Contact us at Shoulders & Knees orthopedics to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven Struhl to discuss an internal brace for elbow dislocation.