Due to the Covid-19 virus restrictions our in person office is closed until further notice. We are now OPEN for telemedicine.

Please call our office to schedule your telemedicine appointment.

Office Staff

Our experienced staff is available during business our Monday-Friday from 9-5.

Calls to our office after hours are answered by a member of the staff 24 hours a day so in the event of an urgent or emergent problem your calls will be handled directly by our staff.

Our office staff:










Fanny Tineo,

Office Manager

Email: fannytineo@shouldersandknees.com


Theresa Balck,

Administrative Assistant

Certified Medical Biller


Email: theresabalck@shouldersandknees.com


Alexys Ladino,

Administrative assistant

Medical records manager


Email: medicalrecords@shouldersandknees.com



Our Specialities


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