When it gets colder, many people begin to suffer from nagging joint pain and inflammation. A frozen shoulder can become excruciatingly painful in winter. If you are suffering from problems such as aches and immobility in your shoulder joint, do not suffer in silence.

There are several causes of shoulder pain and limited movement. The main culprits are overuse, stress and tension in muscles or ligaments. It is also possible that you have suffered an injury at work or during a sporting activity. New York residents and patients from out-of-state are invited to attend a consultation with Dr. Steve Struhl to get help and relief.

Dr. Steve Struhl specializes in treatments that address joint issues. Your shoulders and knees and other joints play essential roles in joint mechanics. As a double board-certified specialist, Dr. Struhl offers treatments ranging from conservative therapies to minimally invasive surgeries.

Shoulder Wear-and-Tear

Imaging technologies such as X-rays can identify wear-and-tear in the shoulders. Over time, the bones in joints can rub together, wearing away at cartilage. Without protection, the component parts of the shoulders will eventually suffer damage. The result is pain and other issues such as frozen shoulder.

At his New York clinic, Dr. Steve Struhl will conduct a full examination and provide effective treatment. Our advanced medical facilities offer access to the most advanced orthopedic technologies. Minimally invasive procedures are designed to accelerate healing time and reduce risks associated with open surgery.

Muscle & Tendon Injuries

When the muscles or tendons that support the shoulder are injured, seek medical advice immediately. Tears are the most common type of injury suffered due to overuse or strain. You may experience pain, inflammation, bruising and limited movement in the effected limb.

You will benefit from shoulder repair techniques under the care of Dr. Steve Struhl. We welcome patients to attend a relaxed consultation at our NYC medical center. In many instances, treatment can be completed in one visit. You will also receive all the aftercare advice needed to make a rapid and full recovery.

Do not ignore nagging shoulder problems that worsen over winter. Call the offices of Dr. Steve Struhl to arrange an appointment today.