Reaching over your head can become impossible with severe shoulder pain. Limited mobility and excruciating pain can have a huge impact on your daily activities. Even mild shoulder pain can make everyday actions such as brushing your hair challenging. Identifying the cause and following through with proper treatment can relieve the pain and restore your mobility.

Structure of the Shoulder Joint

The shoulder joint contains many structures. These components give the shoulder its wide range of motion. In fact, the shoulder joint provides more range of motion than any other joint in the body. It is also more vulnerable to injury.

The joint is comprised of tendons, ligaments, muscles and supportive tissues. The shoulder joint is supported by a number of muscles: pectoral, triceps, biceps, deltoid and the muscles in the rotator cuff. They work together, allowing the arm to move in any direction. Injury to any of these structures can cause pain.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

Injury to the shoulder by way of a blow, fall or strain can result in inflammation and swelling. Poor posture can also result in pain. When the body is held in a forward, slumped position for an extended period of time, such as when working at a computer, the pectoral muscles begin to tighten. Muscles at the back of the shoulder become overstretched. When the muscles in the scapula begin to weaken, it can lead to pinching of the tendons in the rotator cuff.

Problems of the Rotator Cuff

Many injuries to the rotator cuff are the result of contact sports. Tears to any of the four small muscles or tendons in rotator cuff can produce serious pain. In addition to injury from a blow or fall, repetitive motion and overuse of the muscles can also cause problems.

The shoulder becomes weak when there is an issue with the rotator cuff. Raising your arm over your head becomes difficult and can cause immediate, severe pain. Personal grooming, getting dressed and other daily activities can become nearly impossible.

Early intervention when you first notice shoulder pain can help prevent more serious complications. With advanced technology, Dr. Steve Struhl can help you get on the road to recovery fast. Call today to schedule an appointment.