As an active woman, Gail F. suffered knee injuries and pain in both knees due to living an athletic lifestyle of skiing, hiking, and playing tennis. Gail was a competitive downhill skier when she was younger and tore her ACL when she was 13 years old.

A year ago the pain was so intense that she went to 3 different orthopedic surgeons in New York to find a solution.  One “took a wait and see” attitude and the others recommended knee replacement surgery.  Gail explained, “I am not just going to just “wait and see”, and there has to be an alternative to knee replacement surgery.  I know that professional athletes are being treated and get better, so why can’t I?” She tried natural oxalic acid injections every 6 months with no continued improvements.  Her knee pain was so intense that it was depressing and effected her whole mood…she had to do something.

After an extensive search for an alternative to knee replacement surgery, Gail came across some information regarding stem cell therapy for knee injuries using one’s own bone marrow.  She then started searching for an orthopedic surgeon in NY with extensive experience and successful results using stem cell therapy, and found Dr. Steven Struhl’s web site.

Gail stated, “I hoped that I would be the “right candidate” for stem cell therapy and had my initial consultation with Dr. Struhl in his Westchester County office.  Luckily for me…I was!”

Dr. Struhl performed the non-surgical treatment of the stem cell therapy on both of her knees this past spring.  Prior to the stem cell therapy and PRP injection her pain was between an 8-9 and now the pain is non-existent!  “His presence and office staff make you feel safe and cared for every second. As Dr. Struhl does the procedure, he explains what he is doing every moment.”, shared Gail.

Gail enthusiastically exclaimed, “One morning I put my foot down and it was a moment where my possibilities are opening up again. It changed my life!”

“I am so glad that he decided to become a doctor.  He is so caring, understanding, and compassionate. I am so grateful that I found him and highly recommend Dr. Steven Struhl for anyone who wants to get back to his or her life pain free.” professed Gail. She is now exercising and traveling pain free.

If you would like to know if you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy as an alternative to knee replacement or surgery, you should contact Dr. Steven Struhl at either his Westchester County or Manhattan office.