Feeling the pain of a sports injury?

Last January, Redskins RG3 was put on the disabled list for his knee injury but was able to overcome the few months it required to recuperate and took the field for the first time this past Monday night when Redskins faced the Eagles.  Even though the results were not what he wanted (the Eagles beat the Redskins at their season opener) the fact is he was cleared by the doctors to return to the field to the sport he enjoys most.

Don’t Gamble on Injuries

The longer you ignore your symptoms the more damage you are inflicting upon yourself. If you address your knee injury promptly there are non-surgical options that may be available to you such as PRP Injections, but if you keep ignoring medical attention – many require surgical assistance that end with varied results.

Given today’s advancements in medical science there is no reason you should be suffering needlessly. Just because you’re in pain doesn’t mean you automatically have to have surgery, but should you require it, don’t just go to any doctor or surgeon – Dr. Steven Stuhl specializes in Robotic Knee Surgeries in NYC.

The Choice for a Successful Recovery!

Regardless of the sport – if an athlete is able to focus, remain patient and follow instructions from the orthopedic surgeon, their recuperation will be successful.

Known as the shoulder and knee specialist, Dr. Steven Struhl provides a wide array of options for patients. By utilizing his U.S patented AC joint separation procedure, PRP Injections, along with offering cutting edge devices for robotic knee surgery and partial knee replacement, Dr. Struhl treats both injured and osteoarthritis patients.

Facing the Truth

Whether you’re a high profile athlete, working your way up in the ranks, or just enjoying your favorite sport, a knee injury is serious. Pro athletes know that if they don’t address their injuries immediately during the early signs then it could end in disaster.

The Orthopedic Surgeon for You!

Dr. Struhl has successful practices in Westchester and New York City. He remains an active Clinical Instructor of Orthopedic Surgery at New York Medical School, is Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon since 1991, along with consistently treating athletes ACL and AC joint injuries using cutting edge equipment and his patented procedures.

It’s easy to understand why he is the specialist to see!

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Clients seek Dr. Struhl out for his state of the art technology; U.S. patented procedures, as well as non-surgical techniques in order to return back to the sports they love!

If you’re experiencing pain from a shoulder or knee injury stop suffering and contact one of Dr. Struhls offices to book your appointment today!