Whether your job is physically strenuous or not, knee injuries or a medical condition can jeopardize your position with the company. Time taken off work when the pain or inflammation gets too much cannot continue indefinitely. At some point you may need to make a decision about seeking effective treatment.

The knees are load-bearing joints, which means strenuous activities are often difficult or impossible for people suffering from pain and discomfort. Sitting down does not always provide relief, either. Remaining stationary for too long can cause injured or deteriorated knees to seize up or become inflamed.

Lifting Heavy Objects

You will likely experience the most severe symptoms from a damaged knee when lifting heavy objects. While pain and discomfort are enough to warrant seeking treatment, there is also a health and safety factor to consider. If your knee gives out while holding or carrying a large object, it could result in injury to you or a colleague.

Always ensure that you are following safety protocols for lifting and carrying heavy objects. If your knees are still painful or become inflamed easily, reach out to Dr. Steve Struhl at his New York or Westchester offices for a consultation.

Standing, Walking or Sitting

Knee problems from standing, walking or sitting at work will not go away with a change in ergonomics or treatment from a specialist. Most working age people will experience minor pain or discomfort after a long day at work. These symptoms should pass quickly. If your knees remain painful or inflamed for long periods of time, there is likely an underlying medical issue.

Call Dr. Steve Struhl for a specialist consultation. His conservative approach to treating knee conditions typically results in a reduction in recovery time, allowing you to get back to work within the shortest time frame possible.