When it comes to injuries and health conditions, the knees are among the most commonly affected joints. You may experience pain, inflammation, dislocation or instability related to the knees for several reasons.

As weight bearing joints, the knees are subjected to incredible strain. Athletes and those who work in strenuous occupations are more susceptible to knee injuries and conditions. Other factors include genetics, medical history, weight and natural wear and tear from aging.

Early Intervention for Knee Injuries & Conditions

Although the majority of knee conditions cause slow deterioration, sufferers should not delay in seeking diagnosis and treatment. Early intervention can repair damage to cartilage, which can reduce or eliminate symptoms such as pain, inflammation and discomfort.

Range of motion and stability are also improved through conservative or surgical measures. If you feel that your knee problems are becoming progressively worse, it is time to take action. Dr. Steven Struhl can offer effective and affordable treatment solutions at his New York office.

Simple Surgeries Now to Avoid Complex Surgeries Later

When it comes to the knees, conservative treatment options typically result in better outcomes. However, these treatments are often only viable when damage to the joint and cartilage has not significantly advanced.

Wear and tear is one of the main contributing factors of deteriorating knees. Injuries and conditions such as osteoarthritis are the catalyst that set the wheels in motion. It is important that a “whole patient” approach is taken to provide relief and improve quality of life. Without treating underlying conditions or factors, surgery alone may not produce desired outcomes.

At his New York Knee & Shoulders offices, Dr. Steven Struhl will discuss with you an individualized treatment plan. If you are concerned about the condition of your knees or any other weight bearing joints, call today for a consultation.