Injuring any joint is a painful experience and can put you out of action. However, for those who rely on the shoulders and knees for work or athletic pursuits, injuries are costly. These joints are responsible for bearing weight loads and many of the motions needed in strenuous activities.

Treatments for knee and shoulder injuries are often complex in severe cases. There are also no guarantees that all treatment approaches will have the desired outcomes. It is therefore important to consult with a surgeon who can offer breakthrough solutions.

Knee Injury Implications

If you have spent your entire working life in a job that requires heavy lifting, a knee injury could become career ending. From chronic pain to joint instability, there are a range of issues that may put you out of work. Seeking treatment is recommended as early as possible to achieve the best outcome.

Athletes in most disciplines rely heavily on knee strength, movement and stability. Injuries can significantly impact these important mechanisms. Rather than fighting through the pain, consider taking time out to pursue effective treatment in New York. With knee repair surgery, you can get back to full capability in your athletic discipline.

Dr. Steven Struhl

At his New York offices, Dr. Steven Struhl and his team can treat a range of knee and shoulder injuries. If you need a breakthrough approach to pain relief or joint repair, we are perfectly positioned to provide excellence in treatment. Our approach to knee or shoulder injuries is based on a graded assessment system that is designed to give you the best timeframes for rehabilitation.

Call Dr. Struhl’s New York offices today if you are concerned about knee or shoulder pain, loss of movement or instability. We are passionate about supporting our patients through the treatment and recovery processes.