“Can stem cell therapy really help my elbow pain?”

Ted. D was shocked seeing Dr. Steven Struhl moving so well on the tennis court with his problematic knee that he had to ask Dr. Struhl his secret. Dr. Struhl explained that he had a stem cell therapy procedure performed on himself. He wanted to see for himself if stem cell injections could reduce the knee pain that he usually suffered from sports prior to recommending it to his patients. “Let me see how it works for me Ted, and then we can see if it can help you with your elbow pain.”, shared Dr. Struhl. “That would be awesome! At times the pain in my elbow feels like someone is stabbing it with a knife”, exclaimed Ted.

26 years ago, Ted was a professional tennis player and shattered his elbow while serving in a tournament while playing on the French Circuit. At that time, he decided to wait to have surgery and see if time would help. Unfortunately, that choice resulted in him having limited range of motion, suffered immense elbow pain, and shortened his career as a professional tennis player. Facing the realization that time did not heal his elbow, Ted elected to have his arm operated on 7 years ago. Bone spurs, bone fragments, and bone chips were removed during the surgery, but unfortunately it did not alleviate his elbow pain.

Today as one of the Tennis Directors at an elite tennis academy in NYC, Ted spends 40-50 hours a week teaching tennis. His elbow pain prevented him from making a full extension while serving and hitting one-handed backhands during tennis lessons. His elbow would usually flare up on a regular basis, and the pain he suffered ranged from a severe stabbing pain to a dull ache. “I can’t continue like this, but my arm is to far gone.”, thought Ted.

Three months after Stem Cell Therapy now pain free

“The first 5 weeks after the stem cell injections I thought that it did not work and my arm was in more pain than prior to the stem cell therapy. One day all of a sudden I felt no pain. My arm felt like I was on ibuprofen, so I thought let’s see how it will be on the court” explained Ted since he thought that it was just too good to be true. “I can now hit out with other pros and the next day it will be fine. Now I do not think about my arm any more and the pain is almost nonexistent.”

Dr. Steven Struhl’s vast experience in stem cell therapy and the latest breakthrough procedures in sports medicine, allows him to diagnose all aspects of one’s injury. Dr. Struhl’s expertise is displayed by the time he spends with each of his patients understanding their needs and explaining their procedure in a manner that provides a level of comfort that patients appreciate. His meticulous nature results in Dr. Struhl being precise in the exact location for the stem cell injection that results in positive outcomes. This makes him one of the few Orthopedic Surgeons in NYC specializing in stem cell therapy.