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Mumford Procedure

Mumford Procedure – Distal Clavicle Resection


A Mumford procedure (distal clavicle resection) is when the outer portion of the clavicle (or collarbone) is shaved off or removed. A Mumford procedure should reduce pain and discomfort due to a damaged AC joint. This is either a result of severe arthritis of the joint or from a partial dislocation, which leaves the joint surfaces out of alignment, causing pain, popping, and clicking. Once a few millimeters of clavicle is removed the joint surfaces are permanently separated from each other and pain rubbing is eliminated. In some cases a fracture near the end of the clavicle, close to the AC joint, may not heal properly and removing the fractured fragment and smoothing off the end of the clavicle will also eliminate the problem.

Nonsurgical treatment of a painful AC joint usually consists of physical therapy as well as cortisone injections to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. In some cases the pain may be from instability of the clavicle due to a partial or complete AC joint separation. In these cases a Mumford procedure may not be adequate to address the symptoms and an AC joint reconstruction is required either in addition or in place of the Mumford procedure. Dr. Steven Struhl’s patented continuous loop double endobutton could possibly be a solution for a painful AC joint that is due to instability. The recommended procedure for the best outcomes is dependent on multiple factors in addition to one’s x-rays, and therefore being evaluated by a shoulder specialist like Dr. Struhl is highly recommended.

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