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Reason Tony Romo needs Mumford Procedure

-+*After breaking his collarbone three times since 2010, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo elected to undergo a Mumford procedure on his left clavicle versus having a plate inserted into his collarbone. The 2015 NFL season was a tough one for Romo who broke his clavicle twice in one season. The first time he broke his […]

Rotator cuff tears are at high risk of enlargement over time

-+*Tears of the are an extremely common source of shoulder pain in adults over the age of 40. Tear size can range from incomplete or partial to complete tears ranging from small to very large. Treatment options range from non-operative management consisting of physical therapy and/or injections to surgical repair. While non-operative treatment can be […]

Kobe Bryant tears his rotator cuff

-+*It was announced this week that Kobe Bryant, the star of the Los Angeles Laker’s basketball team sustained a during a game on Friday while making a two-handed dunk shot. The rest of his season is in peril as he seeks additional opinions decides on whether he should have rotator cuff surgery for his injured […]

NY Yankee Captain Not Invincible To Orthopedic Surgery

-+*Eventual Hall of Fame short stop Derek Jeter, the 38 year old New York Yankee clubhouse leader who seems to improve with age, fell by the wayside in Game 1 of the ALCS due to the inevitable broken ankle which has plagued numerous speedsters throughout MLB history. His visit to orthopedic doctors verified the NY […]

Understanding the Anatomy of the Shoulder

Date: 12 Sep 2012

-+*  The shoulder is one of the biggest and most mobile joints in the human body. Formed by the meeting of the shoulder blade and upper arm bone, as well as a collection of muscles and other connective tissues, the shoulder has tremendous range of motion. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, consult with an […]

Need to Know More about Joint Injury Treatments? Check Out These Links

Date: 23 May 2012

-+*Though a joint injury can cause considerable pain and inconvenience, orthopedic surgeons can remedy these ailments through a number of treatment options. Dr. Steven Struhl, MD provides a wide range of these orthopedic treatment options, including arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery, for patients living in the greater New York region. To learn more about our […]

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