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Too Young for Knee Replacement Surgery a Knee Allograft Could Help

Knee Pain - Too Young for Knee Replacement

-+*A knee injury is one of the most common injuries, and if severe enough knee surgery is recommended. However, knee replacement surgery is not ideal for patients in their 20s, 30s, nor 40s, since the implants only work on average for 12-15 years and requires follow-up surgeries. There is another option for younger patients who […]

Quick Return to Athletic Life After Labral Tear in Shoulder


-+*Several years ago Zack suffered a shoulder injury while doing shoulder presses at the gym that resulted in a labral tear in his shoulder. His torn labrum resulted in him suffering recurrent shoulder dislocations with a secondary issue being a SLAP tear. Over the years and being active playing soccer, boxing, skin boarding and rock […]

Stem cell therapy speeds up healing for a hard to heal broken arm

-+*What do you do if you suffer a broken arm that is a complete arm fracture, have an emergency surgery by a well known surgeon, and 5 months later your bone is not healing?  That is the predicament that Paul found himself in. Back in September 2013, Paul had an emergency surgery to fix his […]

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