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Too Young for Knee Replacement Surgery a Knee Allograft Could Help

Knee Pain - Too Young for Knee Replacement

-+*A knee injury is one of the most common injuries, and if severe enough knee surgery is recommended. However, knee replacement surgery is not ideal for patients in their 20s, 30s, nor 40s, since the implants only work on average for 12-15 years and requires follow-up surgeries. There is another option for younger patients who […]

Rebuilding Knee Cartilage Using Stem Cell Therapy


-+*In addition to chasing after her two young sons, Rachel G. found a new passion in running 8 years ago. Running became part of her life and she even started training for the New York Marathon. Unfortunately, it came to a sudden stop last February 15th when she slipped on black ice and had a […]

Stem Cell Therapy Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery

-+*As an active woman, Gail F. suffered knee injuries and pain in both knees due to living an athletic lifestyle of skiing, hiking, and playing tennis. Gail was a competitive downhill skier when she was younger and tore her ACL when she was 13 years old. A year ago the pain was so intense that […]

When surgery is one’s “only option” for knee pain

-+*New Yorkers and Knick fans are all reeling after Carmello Anthony admitted this week that surgery is his “only option” for his recurring left knee pain. Like Carmello, after all non-operative procedures like stem cell therapy, PRP injections, and/or physical therapy are exhausted surgery is the last resort to get someone pain free. Unlike other […]

Scared to go under the knife for his ACL tear

-+*Stefan H. understands that some times one has to endure pain in order to get to the next level. From the expected pains you would expect a collegiate track and field athlete to experience to get to his level, one level of pain he was nervous about was to “go under the knife” for his […]

Dr. Struhl’s pointers knee injuries during a hike

Date: 05 Aug 2014

-+*If you live in the state of New York, chances are you do a lot of walking.  Whether it’s daily living in the city or hiking some of Westchester County’s beautiful trails, at some point it is not uncommon for the everyday New Yorker to experience knee pain or suffer a knee injury.  Dr. Steven […]

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