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Scared to go under the knife for his ACL tear

-+*Stefan H. understands that some times one has to endure pain in order to get to the next level. From the expected pains you would expect a collegiate track and field athlete to experience to get to his level, one level of pain he was nervous about was to “go under the knife” for his […]

Q & A Time with Dr. Steven Struhl

Date: 17 Apr 2014

-+*Your Questions About Treating Shoulder Injuries and More! In this segment, NYC Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steven Struhl answers some interesting questions posed by his Twitter and Facebook followers. The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge. – Thomas Berger DOS AND DON’TS Question: In the unfortunate event that we sustain […]

RG3 Makes a Comeback from Torn ACL

-+*­­Feeling the pain of a sports injury? Last January, Redskins RG3 was put on the disabled list for his knee injury but was able to overcome the few months it required to recuperate and took the field for the first time this past Monday night when Redskins faced the Eagles.  Even though the results were […]

New ACL Procedure Reduces Risks

Date: 14 Jun 2013
Category: ACL Injury Torn ACL

-+*Knee Injury Sets Back Athlete Common in such cutting sports as basketball and baseball, a torn ACL can set an athlete back for several months to a year while holding with it a lot of variables for recovery time. This past April, third baseman Scott Sizemore, of the Oakland Athletics, was put back on the […]

Hope for Athletes with ACL Injuries

-+*Purpose, Drive and Resolve. As we all gasped this past weekend as we watch Robert Griffin III further injure his torn ACL and LCL when the Redskins were knocked out of the Playoffs, we are reminded that there can still be an exciting future after knee surgery.  We hope that RG3’s will have a fast […]

Darelle Revis And The Torn ACL Nightmare Skillfully Resolved

-+*Darelle Revis, All-Pro Jets cornerback who exited Jets action due to a torn ACL, should recover fully from his anterior crucial ligament damage to defend Brady and Manning rockets once again.  When you or your teenager goes down with this highly painful knee tear, do you have the proper orthopedic surgeon to handle this surgical […]

NY Yankee Captain Not Invincible To Orthopedic Surgery

-+*Eventual Hall of Fame short stop Derek Jeter, the 38 year old New York Yankee clubhouse leader who seems to improve with age, fell by the wayside in Game 1 of the ALCS due to the inevitable broken ankle which has plagued numerous speedsters throughout MLB history. His visit to orthopedic doctors verified the NY […]

What is a torn ACL?

Date: 08 Jul 2012

-+*The knee joins your upper leg bone (the femur) with the lower leg bone (the tibia) in a joint that’s strong and flexible. Four ligaments hold the two bones in the proper positions relative to one another, and the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or “ACL” is one of them. ACL injuries include full or partial tears of the […]

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